Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bird Man of Williamsburg

The past few weeks I was preoccupied with doing a performance, a bit of
theater, about making a painting and hanging it in a show. The
performance was inspired by "reality" so-called television, and the
idea was that on the internet we all can make our own TV shows about
ourselves, an idea that Warhol, of course, championed back in the
Middle Ages. I also wanted to undermine the practice that many, or
most, or all, NY artists have of hoping to get some art critic's
attention, thereby attaining some recognition. I think artists should
practice being their own critics, and publish criticism of their own
work, so that they might one day achieve self-recognition. I wanted to
make an art work that I liked, but halfway through the show I realized
I had painted a prop for Art Bum Theater. I played 2 or 3 roles in this
piece. I was the Art Worker, I was the Bird Man, and I was, maybe,
myself. The Bird Man, a possible descendant of Thoth, and a medicine
man wannabe, swooped into Outpost Saturday and raptured the painting

I have no idea if the performance was a success even on my own terms,
but its not over, anyway.

I am grateful for the opportunity to take part in #TheSocialGraph. I am
especially pleased to have made the acquaintance of Nate Hill and Man
Bartlett and their work. I am sorry I missed the chance to punch Nate's
panda, but I liked his kind of art delivery service idea. By the end of
the show I felt that Bartlett's piece was the centerpiece of the whole
thing. He used the social media in a very intriguing way that has given
me much to think about.

Thank you, Hrag, for curating this project.


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