Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Kalm "retrospective" at Outpost was cool. The moonshine helped, probably. Austin Thomas selected some of Loren's videos to look at and talk about. I think his work (painting, writing, video) will become increasingly interesting as time goes on as a document of a particular time and community. Loren said one of his rules is to not show his own paintings in the videos, and he made fun of people who do videos of themselves painting and showing sketches, etc. Pretty much what I've been doing here for the last few weeks. I wish I got those remarks on video. Hrag regards Loren's various activities as social media, I guess, or as having to do with a social network. My stuff is more like introvoyeurism, a kind of colonoscopy. I don't know if I shot anything usable last night, or at the opening, even by my standards. I think that when the show is over I'll roll up the canvas and stash it for a year or so before I look at it again.


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