Thursday, February 10, 2011

I pulled my mind, my dirty old mind, into the brain wash and shut all the windows. The ideological apparatus went to work -- soaping, scrubbing, rinsing, squeegieing, waxing. Then came the vacuuming. The works. My mind almost looks new. Still an old model, still out of date. Nothing I can do about that. But, it is a vintage mind, I like to think, or will be in a few years. Now its at that awkward phase where its just old and old-fashioned, but not in the way a collector would be looking for. Yet.
Anyway, its clean. So clean you can see yourself in it.
Washed in the soap of the system. Baptized in the name of America.
Look at these details. Look at these ideas I have, these dreams, these plans for my life.
These ideas, dreams, plans were very fashionable back in the day. Everybody had, or wanted, this way of thinking, this Weltanschauung. Of course, this style of thinking was overtaken by another style, which was supplanted by another style, and my old style is now laughable and its operating system is out of date and cannot support new updates of mentalities and thought patterns. My system shuts down when I try to upload the newest prejudices, for instance, whereas new model minds won't even even recognize some of my most entrenched opinions.
Anyway, now its clean, and ready to be put on the used mind market.
Maybe some kid will turn it into a hot rod.


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