Saturday, August 27, 2011

From Discovery News:
"Astronomers have found the remains of a once massive star, now transformed into a solid diamond five times bigger than earth."

Astronomers have discovered a planet made of diamond. The people who live on the diamond planet treasure shit above all other things. Not just human and animal excrement but also dead, rotting vegetation, and industrial waste. Industry on this planet is simple and green, although very sophisticated, a very advanced, eco-technological way of life. The "waste products" resulting from all production are really byproducts that have their own uses. Earth people didn't treasure their shit. "Shit," for them, was a dirty word. They had an abundance of shit and were sick of it.
Diamond people considered shit a gift, but earth people (aka shit people) refused to give any, and didn't want any given to them. They valued diamonds, which used to be relatively rare on earth. Being greedy creatures who don't give a shit, the shit planet straightaway invaded the diamond planet and plundered it, while refusing to take any shit from its inhabitants. When the alien diamonds flooded the market all diamonds lost most of their value and the market crashed and the stupid shits were in deep, well, you know.



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