Monday, October 15, 2012

Friday opening reminder

Dear Friends,

I got a sneak preview of the show last week. Kate had some of Gene and Mary's art on walls already. The rest was on the floor. It looks good together. I mean it looks wonderful, fantastic. I am looking forward to seeing it all up Friday. I hope you can make it. If you can't, I hope you wish you could.
You can get to it from Manhattan on the 7. Get off at Vernon Jackson and walk on Vernon to 45th Road, turn right. 10-20 will be on the right.  From Brooklyn or Queens you can take the G to 21st Street and walk on Jackson  or 47th Road to 11th Street and turn right and proceed to 45 Rd and turn left. 10-20 will be on the left. We usually take the B62 bus on Bedford in Williamsburg and get off on the first stop in LIC, and take 11th St  to 45 Rd.




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