Wednesday, October 29, 2014


If from stardust you come and to stardust you return,
the very elements of your being,
in the cosmic solution, 
micro and macro,
to that within you, 
from which you become, 
what you already are,
extraterrestrial and infinite, 
and kind of angelic, 
like a star in the sky,
or in the mind-eye, 
If from that which is,
before the beginning,
which holds the seed, 
that imagines you,  
as you are and will be, 
like a seed of a universe,
spilled in the womb
of the initial situation,
and from this unconditioned condition,
I guess,
of that which is,

Thou Art That?
That Thou Art?
That Art Thou?
Art That Thou?
Art Thou That?
Thou That Art?


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