Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Moon Temple

Last year an atrocious building was put up in my neighborhood and the feeling of my neighbors is that it is a visual assault and insult to those who have resided here for decades and who have lived with the view the building now obstructs. Its stands on two fat legs that are like the two halves of a split ziggurat set apart but joined at the top by a hipbone bridge, an asexual crotch, like a not yet completed figure of an idol of Capitalism or the bottom part of a crypto-Babylonian monster that was severed at the middle, its top half thrown into the East River, yet still it stands guard mindlessly, an architectural obstruction forbidding my view of the Lower East Side and the river.

Miraculously, I like to think, the queen of the night appeared this morning to claim the alien structure as her own temple and shined her All-Seeing Eye through the gaping hole in Moloch’s belly and looked directly into my broken heart.


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