Friday, October 29, 2010

this could be the start of something bigger

The show I'm in, and preparing for, opens November 14, at Outpost
which is in Bushwick, near the Halsey stop on the L train.
Hyperallergic is moving their offices there for the duration of the
show (11/14 - 11/24) and one of the artists (Nate, whose last name I
don't know) will be living in the exhibition space in a packing crate,
supposedly dressed in a panda suit. Or is it "pander"? Or am I the one
pandering? Another artist (Man Bartlett) will be temporarily living in
Hyperallergic's normal office space. There will be video projections
and god knows what else. We finally had our meeting at Outpost
Wednesday. As I looked around at the high walls and heard about the
various activities I realized that the little pieces I'm making could
get lost, overlooked, or look out of place, so I am making sketches for
something bigger.


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