Thursday, November 01, 2012

Morning after Sandy. The skyline was dark. The city was quiet. No trains or cars on the bridge. We were in our protective bubble facing west and didn't get hit by wind and rain, but could see the trees whipping around. We saw that explosion when the transformer blew up across the river. Downtown went dark and we lost our internet connection. Thanks for the concern you all shared with us.

Our loft has been a fantastic hurricane shelter with a view.

We were out of the wind on our side of the building, but on the other side:

Our neighborhood was fortunate, compared to many others. I went for a walk Tuesday to look around.

Lucky Dog:

When the lights go down in McCarren Park:

Dark Manhattan from Williamsburg waterfront:

Halloween on Bedford Avenue. I especially like the box head, but the kid in the stroller looks menacing:


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