Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Response from David Amram

Response from David Amram on the Gregory Corso post:

Dear Lawrence

Thank you for this excellent reportage which 13 years later really captures a moment in time

Gregory always commented on "cutting out the crap of "Beat" mythology.

Real life was interesting enough, and the egomania and narcissism starting in the 60s (when a billion dollar a year corporate entertainment industry designed to rip off dollars from a younger generation deemed "youth culture" became the arbiter of what was relevant and what was now supposed to be hopelessly out of fashion.

This  was always distresing to Gregory, because in spite of his crazed public appearances, when he assumed the street thug personna of a stoned out dead end kid, he was grounded in the classics 
and an old school intellectual who wanted to have his writing appreciated for its own value, not as a member of a non-existant "movement"
Like Kerouac and many of us, Gregory just wanted his work to speak for itself.

Gregory achieved that, snd today a new generation can read and be moved by his remarkable poetry and not have to wade through any dumb scenes which distract from the value of what any art that lasts has to offer, uplift, to foster creativity in others and to celebrate life.

Your piece was so refreshingly honest, I know Gregory would have loved it. And I will look forward to reading more of your blogs, as a new member of your senior-bopper fan base.

all cheers and stay creative

David Amram 


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