Friday, April 11, 2014

lonely place

"Faith is Confidence, not mere Belief;
Hope is Effort, not just Wishes;
and Love is Practice, Not Desire."

(Lori Ellison)

Lori is in the hospital being treated for an infection on her arm. They're giving her antibiotics on IV.

ER art. Lori was still in the ER on the IV and working on this drawing she'd started at home, but that goes well with the pattern on the hospital gown, and the color scheme in the ER. They finally got her a room with a view, and TV, early afternoon. She'll probably be there over the weekend. Yes, its her drawing arm that is infected.

My drawing board on Lori's work table at home. Our loft is now the loneliest place on the planet.


Anonymous Elizabeth riggle said...

Living in the light is not for the weak, and you prove that every day.

3:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi lars : i just left the hospital after visiting with lori. she looks and sounds strong. my humble opinion is that her arm appears to be recovering (i'm personally familiar with the problem.) it's great news that she will be released sooner than expected. best regards, birdie

4:41 PM  

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