Sunday, March 13, 2016

Love letter to all my friends, for a good republic

Sitting on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon (going to the candidates' debates). Laugh about it, shout about it, when you've got to choose...

Yesterday I shouted at you, and I am sad. It hurts me, too, because I want you to love me and I love you so much.

A few weeks ago I dreamed Hillary and I were lovers and we were getting in bed in a hotel room in Manhattan but there were people at the door, which I forgot to lock, and Hillary had to leave soon to campaign, etc. She was wearing Lori's red chemise.

I apologize to you, because I was shouting rhetorically. I consciously and with deliberation decided to drop qualifications I would normally lubricate my remarks with when I am touching sensitive topics, but I was born a white man, and I was conditioned to be angry, and sometimes I'm an angry white man because I was born in the USA.

I am genuinely sorry that I hurt your feelings, because I want you to love me.

I don't know if Lori would be for Hillary or Bernie. I think she would prefer they became running mates, because she thought Hillary and Obama should've been running mates in 2008. She wanted O to be President and H to be Veep and then to become President. Hillary really should've listened to her inner Lori in 2008.

This is a very confusing, fascinating, maddening, campaign trail, and there is the smell of something burning up ahead, and expectation of chaos in Cleveland among the rightwing thugs, and some sort of conflict in Philly between the establishment and the movement. 

And that conflict, or competition, between the Democratic establishment and the democratic movement is what we need to be addressing seriously, and we should be talking about how the Democratic Party can adopt the progressive platform I know that you and I want, and I am not bullshitting you here, because we want the same thing, don't we? A good republic?

I think we agree that we don't like that the system is rigged, that the one percent have the wealth and that we have to work too much for too little and we hate perpetual war. We are probably not going to get universal healthcare, free college, fifteen dollar minimum wage, and all the other things we want next year, or next two years, unless and until there is a miraculous upset in Congress as well as the White House, but we need to offer something to the people, some goal to work toward, a description of the good republic we want.

We should be talking about the convention, because the Democratic platform will be drafted there, and we need to make sure that we do what we can to make it progressive and challenge the establishment. I believe that Bernie's message should be adopted by the Democratic Party as the message we offer to America as the good republic we want. 

I think I can live with President Hillary, but I really want us to work on a democratic socialist occupation of Congress. I want Bernie's movement to continue with that in mind, whether he takes the White House or not. Whether or not Hillary wins the nomination, the  movement will need to prepare for the longer campaign to take over Congress. 

The anger and alienation of people who feel the system is rigged against them carries the potential for both fascist paranoia and progressive transformation. I believe we can only transform our country into a good republic if we can envision what we want. Our shared ideas of the world we want is what we need to be discussing, not the "Bern the Witch" asshole. Please don't identify the movement I belong to, to those Bernie Bros. A democratic movement is always going to have some noisy and impatient people. Please block the berniebots when you identify them so we can talk about our real concerns.

Neither of us want the fascists to take over our good republic. Let's calm down and let these primaries get over with. Bernie as POTUS is a ridiculous long shot, but he is giving us a movement to work for, so I am a passionate BS Democrat, yes, a Bullshit Democrat.

My dream lover and I share our dream of the life we want to live. Let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together?


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