Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Mystery Theater 420

new weed of contemplation
Turn on, and fix your eyes, more or less, on the strange suffering christ on the religious candle glowing before you like a flickering holy ghost.
That obnoxious jewish poet, that comic with his stand up routine about sharing the wealth and finding god within -  in the law of the conscience? in a transcendent consciousness? or in a psychotic delusion about a possible just society that fed and sheltered everybody in many mansions and had universal healthcare?
When he and his movement arrived in the city business as usual  stopped. Their revolution came to town and cleansed the temple, liberating its money to fund the general strike. They built a tent city out of palm branches and put on a street festival. Their "community of heaven" may be a nonviolent insurgency but sometimes it is necessary to knock over a few tables, apparently.
Suddenly to the ruling class that curious annual holy day guerrilla theater about an angel of death going door to door murdering the children of the one percent didn't seem so benign and the power structure was shaken to its foundations by panic and verily it came down hard on him with all the considerable resources of its police paranoia apparatus. He always knew they would kill him, but he had to do his routines - his parables - and the crowd loved it and they loved the parties. Superstar. He died like the wretched piece of garbage that he was in this empire and was thrown to the dogs. 
Authorities confirmed, reportedly, anonymously, that his death was witnessed unusually early in the torture game while the police looted his belongings. And the revolution collapsed in despair and the community of their wild god was defeated and their king was dead.
It only took a couple of days before the rumors were spreading about sitings and many of them believe or claim to believe he escaped and lives but is in exile and waits or he lives in the minds of his followers, in their dreams and memories like a new consciousness or post-traumatic mass psychosis. And they continue to celebrate their street eucharist bread and wine parties and lamb bbq and the spirit becomes unhindered.


Blogger Timothy Porges said...

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Blogger Timothy Porges said...

And then Paul, the Good Roman, remastered the cult as an instrument of control and oppression. And that didn't take long, either.

12:40 PM  
Blogger newcleanwars said...

I don't agree with this assessment of Paul. Maybe you can support this claim?

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