Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy Memorial Day

I have a warehouse full of pieces of the world trade center which I
intend to package and sell once I've worked out the package design,
figured out distribution, etc. I really don't know anything about
business, but I know there must still be a lot of people who want to
buy pieces of Ground Zero, pieces of Zero, but I don't have the
business experience and knowledge and don't know the best way to go
about marketing it. I've got to sell this stuff. I've got to become
financially independent before I lose my mind or soul or whatever and
before this so-called Normality we're supposedly returning to crushes
me. I mean I'm already in pieces.

I have souvenirs - you need souvenirs? - I have photos, I have
postcards with photos of burning towers, photos of collapsing towers,
people jumping off towers, bodies pulled out of rubble and dust,
firemen crying. I have shirts and caps - FDNY and NYPD knockoffs. I
HEART NY MORE THAN EVER posters, t-shirts, and mugs, bin Laden Wanted
Dead or Alive posters, and millions of american flags. Coffeetable
books. You want some disaster with your coffee? Some carnage with
that cappuccino?

and look at me - I've gone to pieces - scattered all over
lower Manhattan

look at me -

I've gone to pieces -

a foot over there, a hand over there,

an eye over there - where did that other eye roll to?

where are my teeth?

my ribs?

I gotta pull myself together, man. Pile the pieces together
and clean them carefully and shrinkwrap each piece and slap a price
sticker on each one and schlep them downtown to NYC's #1 tourist
destination and sell them to gawking sightseers

take another little piece of my heart now baby. And my
brain, my lungs, liver, etc.

How much can I get on ebay?

want a piece of me?

give pieces a chance?

Lawrence Swan 2002


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