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hamler the Bunny

Early work by Lori Ellison (Edmiston) from third grade, she estimates.

hamler the Bunny

hamler wanted to Be an easter Bunny. he thought and thougt. mother Says that I will have to practice. I Do not know how . then he thougt, and up he went, looked at the calander and it

said it was febuary 32. his heart jumped for joy. mayBe, mayBe mommy wll Let me ... She She will! he raced to the kichen Opened the door and got out egg's then he gone to the Bunny workshop. he got out - you know - paint for egg's. then  he got some cotten, yarn, strng, pipe cleaner's, two eyes, glitter, and some ribbon.

he sewed pasted sewed pasted. it was all Done. it looked just like this:

he was proud of it, it looked just like him! then he got out the Dipper. he put an egg on it. hamler dipped it into the Bowl. while hamler was wating, he dipped another

One. he did it all Day. Soon it was nighttime.
hamler had 20 eggs!But that was not enough. there n't just 20 chilDren n the hole world. then he made a hole Bunch chocolets. 
he put three pupetS on the table. then he ran to get ten easter Basket's. while he ran hamler knocked down a Bowl. hamler got a mop too.

when hamler got Back he cleaned up the mess. "that is the end of that mess!" "now I will fill the easter Basker's" 
"I'll put the puppet there."
"Okay, the egg with me will go in the Blue Basket."
So hamler was soon coming to lunch, and he

loved them.
then up he went, Back to work. "next thng is to get some more candy. So off he went on mother's shelf, But he could not find the candy.

then he found Some candy. hamler put them in the easter Basket.  then he went to Bed. tomorrow is easter." "and I'm finished" "'ll have to ask mom." So he went Downstairs, clip, clop, clip, clop, clip, clop,clip, clop. and he s asked his mother . "can I go out tonight?" "no." "aw, please?"  "Okay. But Be careful!"

"I will, I made a list,to" then he hopped out the Door. But he was late he suddenly rememBered the little Poor girl he me last Summer. "Ill go to her house."She was there. So hamler put it right Buy her Bed. then he tip toed Out of the house . By the time he got home it was very , very , late. in fact it was 1:00 in the morning. So he fell asleep

as soon as he got there. he got up 6:00 in the motning. "my , my" said mother. you'r growing up!"
"So you'll Be an easter Bunny and marne will quit." hamler leaped for jou an d hugged his mother.
after that he went up to his Bed. Hamler took off his pajamas.
hamler looked on his Bed he found his sock's write By an easter Basket!  the Old easter rabbit left it there! what a Surprise he had.

"now I know that I'm not the only easter Bunny in the world."
then he ate three candy's. next hamler went outside. he was so happy
the End

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