Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bernie Sanders

I wish New York had an open primary, so I could vote for the candidate who represents my point of view.
Here are some of the reasons I would vote for Bernie today:

I am against our wars of intervention and regime change, which have created more disorder and terrorism.
I believe everyone has a right to healthcare and we need to expand Medicare to include all of us.
I believe that a person who works full-time should not be poor, so we should raise the minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour.
I believe that women should be paid the same as men.
I believe that the government should not restrict a woman's need to choose, and any woman's reproductive health needs should be covered by the healthcare system.
I know that a high school diploma is not sufficient for most people in today's economy, so public education should be extended to include college.
I know that every incident in which a police officer shoots someone should be subject to a homicide investigation and the officer not automatically immune to prosecution.
I believe more money should be going to stimulate the economy and less into hedge funds.
We need an energy policy that is not written by the fossil fuel industry and healthcare policy that is not written by the insurance and pharmaceutical industries, as much as we need gun control laws not written by the NRA, and that is why we need to get money out of politics.
I believe elected officials shouldn't be spending their time in office raising funds for their re-election.

I believe he is part of a movement that can transform our political and economic system to make it work for us, and that no individual candidate can make this happen, only a grassroots movement that supports candidates in local, state, and national campaigns, a movement that pressures elected office holders into serving us, the working poor and the middle class, rather than corporate lobbyists, the military-industrial complex, and the one percent.

I want a democratic society to replace the oligarchy we have.

Vote for what you believe in.
You are always welcome to join the revolution.


Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Everything and Nothing

No thing is the void, and Wholly Whole is the Holy Hole. The void holds the possibility of Everything. Nothing is the ground of Everything. Are you running with me, ground of Everything?

Everything and Nothing

Everything overwhelms me.
Not just anything can do it.
Not just anything can do it alone,
but anything can set it off, set off Everything,
like an avalanche, on top of me.
An Everything crash.
And then, worst of All, is Nothing,
the ultimate crash, 
and me, a lone anything,
at the empty tomb of Nothing.
Nothing holds the possibility of Everything.
It is up to the survivors to bear witness to this.