Wednesday, November 23, 2016

waiting for X

mask of X

                                                                       waiting for X

opened eye

double mask

I am waiting for X.
The waning supermoon hangs on the sky, a crumbling white disk
in the daylight, 
a pretty day in an invisible war, 
in the Eye of an invisible storm.   
It is early in the morning and I am waiting for X

I perform a mass for X, and contemplate X,
and wait for X to speak from the whirlwind

 X marks Here or There in my unreliable maps.
Here You Are and There is where your treasure is.
Your treasure is buried in the abyss.

X holds the fire of creator destroyer
X beats the drum of existence
X says Fear Not, I am unarmed
X indicates the revolutionary situation
X crushes the ideology of power and possession
X blows the horn that blasts down the walls
X dances in the temple
X takes a Giant Step into the unlimited

I am watching for X, and I am waiting for X within me.
X stands at the Door.

Friday, November 11, 2016

dream drawing

I dreamed I suggested to Lori that we do a drawing together, that she start it and I'll finish it. She handed me a sheet of paper that was partly filled on the right side and the left side was blank. In the middle of the blank side I drew an eye.
A few days later I looked through her archives and made a photocopy of the first unfinished drawing I found, a a notebook page of aphorisms. I turned it on its side and drew the same kind of eye I drew in the dream.


While I was looking for a drawing to use I came upon this diary she kept when she was eleven.